When I was assigned as Team leaders, I was happy and scared at same time as I had never been a team leader before and it is one of the difficult things to handle. But I know that I will able to handle this position. The problem which I thought before starting the project was that if I able to manage my work placement and the live project together but as time goes on it was not so difficult as I thought. This was due to my team members as they help me to manage the work. I am also thankful to Mark sir who has helped us to give feedback from the client as we were not able to communicate with them directly. The one thing which I regret was that we were not able to communicate with clients and did not get received any feedback from them due to the coronavirus issue so it was easy for us to make the app in our style. Being a team leader has helped me to understand how to organise a team together and help other members if they had any problem.

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