On Wednesday (26/02/20), we did our first meeting as a group. We discuss the research carried out by each individual. Listed out the things, which we needed from our client. We had a meeting with Mark Sir on Thursday (27/02/20). In the meeting, we shared with him the outcome of our individual research carried out by that time. Also, taken his opinion on the open items needed from the client. We also spoke to him about the illustrations given to us. As these inputs were must for the app, we were looking for his opinion if we can change it or keep as they are as or they are a type of illustrations only. The given illustration shows loneliness which will make you feel more depressed. Hence, we thought of putting a plant instead of a human being which will depict growth. We as a group decided to create mood boards that will include illustrations, colours, and fonts. This will help us in communicating our ideas to the client. One Mood board would be created by each individual of the team.

Joao Alberto Illustration

I did research on the plants for cancer and while browsing, I got to know some interesting things which I did not know before. One of website states that Bandicoot Berry, South African Leaf, and Simple leaf Chaste tree had an anticancer effect against all seven types of cancer, according to the researchers. Fool’s Curry Leaf and Black Face General also had protective properties against some cancer cells. I continue with research more about it.




The Illustration Book

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