To get professional experience, the class was divided into multiple groups according to their interests in particular projects they wanted to work. This project will be run for 6 weeks and in the end, we have to give a final presentation. My group got a project related to app design. The brief is to create an app design for cancer patients which can help the patients for their daily check-ups like monitoring symptoms and side effects after the treatment. We started with an individual understanding the brief and selecting useful and important things. As a group, we decided to set a day for a meeting to discuss our research. I started my research by reading the brief and selecting the keywords so that I can create a mind map of those words.

Read the articles which were given to us in the brief as it was about the psychological mindset of cancer patients. I also analyzed the app which the client had but I was not able to download as it was having country restriction means can be downloaded only in Germany. Then, I tried to look for their competitors’ app, however, they were also having the same problem. But I was able to access the website of the app which they have given us in the brief. So, I able to get some information about them.

Competitor Apps given by the client

To get more information about other apps, I research the apps which were present in Great Britain and some other countries. Tried to understand, about the uniqueness of their app? Why do people use their apps? I thought about the color, which will look good on the app. If cancer patients, will not like the color on the app then they may not use it. So, I thought of the option where the user can customize the color on their own while using the app. Then, I wanted to make the app further interesting by adding healthy activities such as yoga, games, etc. This will also, keep the user distracted from their medical issue and keep them connected with their friend and relatives. The other way to connect is to form a community where one patient can connect with various other patients who are suffering from similar disease/cancer through a chat option or meeting them personally



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