After the last meeting, we decided to meet on Monday (09/03/20) as a group to discuss our next steps based on the response from our client, which was expected at that time. This meeting was also required to share our individual work. In that meeting, we discussed and shared our individual work and decided not to waste more time even if there is no response from our client. The deadline was also nearing and we were also supposed to start the planning process i.e. look and feel of the App such as it’s colours, illustration, etc. But I already started researching about colours and illustration style that can be put in the app?

Colour Palette
Exploration of Illustration

We thought about the sequencing in the app – how the first page should look like after opening, what next etc. In a team, we made some rough sketches of the app to make information architecture and wireframe. Next, we decided where to put the illustrations, as it cannot be put everywhere. After the planning, we decided to design the loading screen and app icons individually.  In the next meeting, we decided to talk to Mark as there was no response from the client. The meeting was held on Thursday afternoon (12/03/20). Unfortunately, I was not able to attend that, as I was busy with my work placement. However, I took the feedback on the meeting outcome from my teammates and what I had to do. 


I created an illustration for the loading page and the icons for the app.

Loading page (Illustration)

Bibliography (Illustration)

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