Working on the assignment for the university and working on the design agency is quite different. When I did my last placement back in India, I got an experience of how to work with a client and get feedback from them and then do the changes which they ask you to do. I had a great experience. When I got to know that we can do a work placement in the second semester, I was not sure that I would be able to get any placement. So I started with contact with the design agencies through their respected sites but I did not think so that I would be getting any reply from them. 3 to 4 days later, I received a mail from a rugby design agency, i.e. Adao. I was happy at that moment but also scared that I was able to get it or not. They just ask me to send the portfolio and CV to them but they like it. Thanks to Keila ma’am as she help to communicating the brief to them.

After their meeting with Keila, I received an email to meet with them so that I get to know them and how they work. I was just told to bring the portfolio. I was scared at that point time that I was able to reach on time as it was raining heavily. But I reach on time and the people there were so friendly. The interview was good and they ask me to join their agency for five weeks. I started my placement from the next week.

The first week was exciting as I was able to get to know more people and also able to travel to a new place. The next week, we were told to work from home due to coronavirus but I still able to get feedback from them through skype. I was quite happy that I was able to help them with some of their client projects.

Overall, the experience was good and really enjoy working with them. From this placement, I was able to learn new software and plus some useful tricks of software.

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