On Tuesday (10/03/20)

I began my one-month internship in a well-known Design Agency – ADAO located at Rugby, UK. After meeting and having a short induction with the Agency Employees, I was given my first brief. This brief was about to rebrand a boutique hotel in Spain. It means I have to redesign their Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Email Signature, Brand Guideline Book and Icons.

Got some brief about the hotel verbally and additionally in a form of sheet. This brief includes information about the hotel and its competitors. Read and understood that brief. After that, I started the research about the places near to that Hotel, their culture, and the competition hotels. Considering all these, I made some sketches of the logo. This was my first day at work.

On Wednesday (11/03/20)

I was given a logo which they already created. They told me to use this logo as a base and explore with different colors if I wish to or even if I would like to change something in the logo. After making the necessary changes, I exported the logo into two versions, that is digital and print. They also wanted the logo in different sizes and backgrounds. Additionally, they also wanted in black and white version. After that, these would be sent to their client. I started exploring the logo in different colors. It was slightly challenging to find the right color combination. Finally, I made one and shared with my Seniors, they also liked that color combination. I also did some modifications in the logo. The last thing left was to export the files. I had some difficulty in exporting the pdf, as there were many artboards and need to be careful while exporting.

On Thursday (12/03/20)

On 11th March’2020, I had completed my work and sent it to my Senior Designer. He explained to me, how I can export different artboards into different versions easily. After that, he assigned me another task to make the brand guideline of the company for which the logo was given to me on Wednesday. I was told to make it in Figma. Unfortunately, I was not aware of that software hence was slightly worried but I made up mind to give a try. The things, which needed to be put on the brand guideline were the logo, colors, and typeface. I completed the task and sent to my Senior Designer. There was only one hour left for the day, so I started making the logo for which brief was given to me on the first day i.e. 10th March’2020. I started creating the mood board so that I get some inspiration.

On Friday (13/03/20)

I continued with the mood board and after completing that I started creating the Logos. Before the lunch break, I created 20 Logos and out of those narrowed down 12 Logos which were looking awesome. For lunch, we all went to the Wetherspoon. After that, I had shown the logos to my Senior Designer and he liked 3 logos. Also, he told me to make some modifications to those logos and put them in different mockups to see which logo will look good.  

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