On Monday (30/03/20)

Every Monday, I have to give a presentation at 2 p.m. I have to present this presentation to my two senior designers so that I get short feedback on what had done in the previous week. In the morning, I was just making a short video of how the website will work. While working on this website, I was able to learn new software, that is, Figma. It is quite similar to Adobe XD but there is some part which is different such as when you working in Figma, you have work in individual layers. Before the presentation, there was some touch up left. The meeting started at 2 p.m. sharp. In the meeting, I got feedback

  • I have to create more icons for website and signage.
  • Some change in the website and mockup.
  • Design an app.

These things I have to look forward to this week. I again have to do a last presentation on Monday (06/04/20).


On Tuesday (31/03/20)

I started working on my feedback which I was given yesterday. I started by doing some changes in the mockup. After completing this, I started doing some sketches of icons. Then I transfer my sketches into illustrator, I create some icons.

On Wednesday (01/04/20)

I continue working on the icons. After creating icons for 3 hours, I started by doing a change on the website. The changes which I needed to do on the website are that was to change the size of the body text and try to make the layout of the pages interesting.

On Thursday (02/04/20)

I was given a one-day assignment of a client and the work was to see which colour will look good on the logo. the logo which was given to me was already created by them. I started by selecting the colour for the logo. After selecting the final colours I have to put them on the logos and then transfer the logo in the different mockups. Then combine all the mockups into one PDF. They had selected 5 logos and each logo will have at least 3 different colours for it. I have to complete this assignment today as they had sent this to the client. I started by putting the colours on the logo. After putting the colours on the 5 logos, I have to transfer it to the mockups. 

On Friday (03/04/20)

After completing the website, the next part was to make an app. It will quite different from the website. I started with doing the rough sketches and then transfer it to Figma.

Wireframe (Sketch)
Wireframe (Sketches)

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