On Monday (16/03/20)

After last Friday’s discussion, I was told to do some modifications to the logo and then try to put them in the different mockups. I started by doing some changes in the logo like colour, typeface. Just try to see which logo is looking good. After doing an exploration of the logo, I thought of putting these 3 logos on one mockup. So, I put these logos on the business card. On the business card, I have tried different colour logos with different backgrounds. After many explorations on business cards, I needed to select any two logos out of the 3. I have a short discussion with my senior designer about the logo selection. After this discussion, I able to decide on two logos. The next step was to make a presentation and show him on Thursday. We had a short meeting about working from home from Wednesday onwards due to coronavirus. After that meeting, I started with modification with the logo.  

Final 3 Logos

On Tuesday (17/03/20)

I continuing working with logo modification. Then after complete that, I started searching for mockups. It was difficult to find good mockups but I able to some good mockups. So I have tried these two logos on these mockups.  

Logo 1
Logo 2

On Wednesday (18/03/20)

This my first day from work from home. It was quite different but the times were the same. So I continue working on the mockups. Then I thought to take feedback from my senior designer regarding the logo and mockups. The feedback which I got was to do some changes in the mockups and he like some of the mockups. After having this feedback, I started modifying the mockups and created some more mockups.

On Thursday (19/03/20),

After creating the mockups, I started to make icons for websites and apps. I did some research and started to make it. I did various explorations of the icons as it should match the style of the logo.

On Friday (20/03/20),

I completed the icons. The next thing was to make a presentation as I have to give a presentation on Monday. So, I collected my work which I had done till now and combined it. The thing which needed to put in each slide was given by the senior designer. With this, I started creating the presentation.


Bibliography (Icons)






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