On Monday (23/03/20)

Today was my presentation at 2 p.m. I have to present this presentation to my two senior designers. I had already completed my presentation and was practicing on how to present it. The meeting started at 2 p.m. sharp. In the meeting, I was able to decide which logo I wanted to take forward. The feedback which I had got from the meeting was  

  • To change the typeface of the logo
  • try different logo versions such as landscape, logo mark. 

The assignment for this week was to create more icons and mockups for the logo and the website. After this feedback, I started working upon the typeface of the logo. 

On Tuesday (24/03/20)

After exploring different typeface for the logo, I send this to the senior designer so that I could finalise the logo. The feedback was to 

  • try adjusting different layout such as try putting ‘Hotel’ underneath ‘My Style’
  • try mixing up font weights for some of them (like ‘My Style’ could be a different weight to ‘Hotel’, for example)
  • try to put caps on some of them.

The next step was to do some changes in the logo and search for more mockups. 

On Wednesday (25/03/20)

I complete with changes in the logo. I again took the feedback from the senior designer. He selected two styles. He also gave me advice was to we shouldn’t use tracking if it’s mixed case. Finally, the logo was selected. Now, I have put this logo on every mockup. The next thing which I did was to research the website of different hotels.

On Thursday (26/03/20),

I continue my research on the website. After complete my research, I started making the information architecture and wireframe as this was the first step for making the website. I did some rough sketches on how will the website will flow.

Information Architecture

Wireframes (Website)

On Friday (27/03/20),

I continue working on the website. After working on the website, I have to make a presentation for Monday.

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