After deciding the logo, colors, and fonts, the next task was to divide the work. So, I decided to make the booklet with one of my team members. We decided to the individual to do the research and sketches for the booklet and then we all will come together and decide which all are better. I started my research by deciding what should I put in the booklet? Which all are important in the booklet? After arranging these, I carried out some research about the layout of the booklet.

Exploration for Booklet
Style Board

I did some sketches for the booklet. Then we discussed which layout looks the best. After selecting, we divided the pages among ourselves so that each individual can work on their respective pages, and then we can combine the pages. The layout of the pages has been inspired by the kid’s T-shirt and the doodles on each page are there to show consistency throughout the brand. The colours and fonts were based on brand guidelines.

Sketches for Booklet

Booklet Exploration

Index page
Introduction page
Team avengers page
Thoughts by the manager page

After doing different exploration, I selected these pages for the booklet.

Index Page
Team Pages
Individual Pages for Children
Game of this season Page

Bibliography (Exploration of Booklet)

Bibliography (Style board and Pages)

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