To take the mind off from my daily routine, decided to explore something new. 

I have heard of a place called ‘Fargo Village‘. It is an artistic area which is designed exclusively for independent business. Last Sunday, I planned to visit there. During that week, Fargo Family Fun Day was going on. When I reached there, I saw many small shops and each one was painted in different colors. On the walls, there was so much wall art. Everything was looking so beautiful. I walked further and saw many artists who had come to sell their products such as jewelry, clothes or comic books. There were many different free activities like screen printing. After a long time, I have done that, it was of great fun. I came to know, that this is 5th successful year of Fargo village.

It was a memorable day for me. I enjoyed it a lot. This is a place where, I can visit frequently and will never get bored. As each week, there is something new at Fargo Village. I have never seen this type of place before. It was amazing experience for me.

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