Each one of us has a different life, living style as well as different goals in life, which we would like to achieve. Some of us plan it properly and some not. The success rate for the planned activities are more rather than unplanned activities. Hence, Planning is very important as it set us to be ready by the right time with fewer chances of failures. From my life, I always want to be in good health and professionally become a good graphic designer, which is my dream career. I have a wish to work with a well-known professional graphic designer, which will help me in looking at the Graphic Design from a different eye. Before starting my professional career, I would also like to complete my Master’s studies in Graphic Design.

In the last few years of my Graphic Design studies, few interests got developed in me like Photography, Typography, Branding and UI/UX.  In the first year, I realized a few improvement points for me:

1) Software Skills: In addition to the University Lectures, I started carrying out my self-study using YouTube and by attending private software classes. This really helped me a lot.
2) Stage Fear: I am slightly shy in nature, which also reflects while making any presentation on the Stage / addressing the Group of people. This is my biggest weakness, which I have to overcome in order to convey my thoughts/ideas.

If I have to become a successful designer, I need to overcome my weaknesses. Each day, we come across with the new situation where we have to perform and learn from our mistakes. From my first year to the second year, I had realized many things and trying my best to improve each day.

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