Leaving home country, where I was born and brought up, coming to a new country alone, no family members, no old friends, new culture that was very hard decision for me. However, I was aware if I have to fulfill my dream of becoming a good Graphic Designer then have to leave all my comforts, attachments to family members or a home country. At the same time, I was very much excited to come to Coventry University.

Till I  joined Coventry, I was slightly nervous too. On the first day, I met our faculty members who will be there with us for the whole year. There were so many learners from different cultures and it was great to meet & know about them. In the first week, I got to know what I have to do in the first semester. It was clearly explained as well as understood by me. Whenever, I had any issues related to the brief, faculties assisted me and made those easier for me to understand. The library is remarkable, whenever I wanted to do some research or would like to get more details, I go straight to the library and get those. On Friday there was tea and biscuits session with all the Faculties.  During the session, we came to know more about each other – their way of teaching, expectations from each other. I have seen that type of activity the first time in my student life. It was really good and appreciable.

This is just the beginning of my new life. Expecting more exciting days to come. I am very sure my student life at Coventry would be very exciting and full of knowledge.

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