When I was doing research about the pottery museum, I got to know about Blue and White Pottery. From years, the decoration on the pot is done by hand but nowadays it is also done by stenciling or transfer printing.

The blue and white decoration came into existence through Chinese porcelain in the 14th Century. The cobalt blue used in those was one of the most precious colours. The blue and white pottery was famous in Islamic Countries, Japan, Korea, and Europe. In the 17th Century, it was exported to Europe. Later on, the techniques were transmitted to Europe through the Jesult Father Xavier d’ Entrecolles between 1712 and 1722.

In 1780, the Willow pattern was created in blue and white pottery in England by Thomas Minton. To promote the sales of the willow pattern, many stories were built on the elements of the design. In one of the story, two lovers were separated from each other due to some reasons and they can meet once a year when their stars align.

Another story is of a different type, where a wealthy man who was having a daughter and she fell in love with his father’s Account Assistant. But the father separated these two lovers’ due to a social cause. And the father forced her to marry a guy called Duke. On the wedding night, that assistant came as a servant and took away his daughter. The two of them lived on the island for years however one day Duke get to know about it. So, he sent the solider to kill him but God transforms the two lovers into a pair of Doves. This story was turned into a comic opera in 1901 called The Willow Pattern.

I watched a video of the famous blue Chinese bowls which is ‘Ling long Porcelain’. You can find those in any Chinese restaurant. Ling long means exquisite in Chinese and its trademark design is its translucent rice pattern. It was popular in the west in the ’70s and ’80s. There was a factory called Guangming Porcelain, which was established in the year 1960s and operated until 1996. Each day they were producing at least 12,000 pieces. On the bowl, each design has its own explanation. For instance, Dragon represents a symbol of luck and protection and the letter I was represented as the working class. After some years, this type of bowls will not be existing as it takes a long time to master this skill. However, due to demand, there are many places in England and other countries blue and white pottery is still made and sold.

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