Life is short, so one should enjoy each moment of life whatsoever is left. Imagine, by God’s grace, it should not happen to you or anyone, that you are suffering from some serious disease that is very painful and everyone including all Doctors have lost hope of treatment and you have to live the rest of the life like that. In this situation, what will you do?

Most of the people cannot tolerate such pain or feel ashamed that their relative’s lives are getting spoiled because of them. When it reaches to the extreme, then they try to find some easy ways to get rid of those. You must have heard about ‘EUTHANASIA’, it is a step taken to end human’s life when there is no hope left for getting it treated from a major illness. On this topic, there were some movies produced like ‘Me before you’ or ‘You don’t know Jack’. Some countries do not allow this practice but some countries like Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland allow this practice. This is becoming a serious social issue day by day. There are many such stories where people are willing to die due to unbearable pain or medical issues but cannot die. So, they take the illegal and emotional help from their dear ones to kill them or they fight for their rights. Some people support this but some not. It varies from person to person. But in my opinion, people who are suffering from severe pain / medical issues and where Doctors have also lost their hope, should be provided euthanasia as it is their right to die. I have heard of one campaign on “EUTHANASIA” at the UK which is ‘Dignity In Dying’, it was started in 1935 and the aim of the campaign is to give choice to each individual to end their life so that they can become free from such pain / major illness. Many people had shared their stories and their problems. As per the studies carried out in the campaign 44% of people are ready to break the law to help their loved ones to die, risking 14 years in prison and 86% of people with a disability support a change to the law. Today, many people are just living their life with this trauma however they cannot get a peaceful death which they want.

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