“My life motto is Do my best , so that I can’t blame myself for anything “  

  –  Magdalena Neuner

What does life means to you? Life has different meanings in the eye of different people. For some people , life is all about love and for some is all about religious values and belief. To me life is about to spend each day that can be remember forever. Life is full of challenges , every difficult situation can help to build up the confidence in everyone life. He/ she has to sacrifice his/her time to build up his/ her mind towards success. When we have to take some important decisions in our life, we always get confused to listen to our minds or heart. To me , I always follow my heart because heart always make a right decision but I never said that our mind is wrong because there will be a particular situation , when you have listen to your mind. Whenever we take a important step in our life , we should do some amount of planning because that step can destroy our life forever or it can be your best moment forever. In the end, I tell you that just enjoy your life and be happy

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